Monday, June 11, 2012

Independence Day Job Fair

Thousands of jobs are available for the jobseekers this coming Independence Day, June 12. In cooperation with the Department of Labor & Employment and other government agencies such as the Pag-IBIG Fund, SSS, PhilHealth, OWWA, POEA and several others are coming together in two malls, NCCC and Abreeza Mall to cater to the Filipino jobseeker.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

OWWA Job Fair

In celebration of the Migrant Workers’ Day, Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) is having a one-stop shop and job fair in NCCC Mall on June 7, 2012 (Thursday). The job fair shall offer a lot of job vacancies here and abroad while the one-stop shall be composed of representatives and info desks of several government agencies such as the Home Development Mutual Fund or Pag-IBIG Fund, Social Security System, PhilHealth, Department of Foreign Affairs, Technical Education and Skills Development Authority and National Statistics Office. The one-stop shop shall also include banks to help encourage savings and investment among the overseas workers.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

May 1 Job Fair

To commemorate the Labor Day, Department of Labor and Employment will have its annual job fair in two venues in this city. SM Davao and Gaisano Mall are the venues for this year’s celebration. The job fair, which will offer thousands of work for jobseekers, will be a two-day affair for SM Davao and a one-day event for Gaisano Mall.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pag-IBIG Foreclosed Properties

Pag-IBIG Fund, Davao branch has scheduled a bidding of their foreclosed properties this coming April 18, 2012. There are about 64 properties available for bidding. General guidelines for the bidding are as follows:


1.            Interested  buyers  are reminded to conduct  an investigation and ocular inspection of the property/ies to determine  its/their actual condition before the scheduled bidding.

2.         Bidders are required  to secure  copies  of a)  INSTRUCTIONS  TO  BIDDERS  and   b)  BID  FORM  from  the   Acquired   Assets Management  and  Disposition  Unit,  HDMF  Davao  Branch,  2nd Floor,  Pryce  Tower  Condominium,  Pryce  Business  Park, JP Laurel Avenue, Davao City.

3.            Each  bid  shall  be  submitted  in  triplicate  copies  placed  in  a  properly  sealed  envelope and addressed to  the  HDMF Davao Branch-Committee on Disposition of Acquired Assets at  9:00 AM  on               April 18, 2012 at the HDMF Training Room,  3rd Floor,  Pryce Tower, JP Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City immediately afterwhich, the said bids shall be opened in the presence of attending bidders.

4.         All   occupants  of  the  foregoing  acquired residential properties shall be given until  March 29, 2012  to  formalize  their  offer  and   shall  comply   all   the   requirements   not   later   than   April 10, 2012   otherwise,   the  property  they  are  occupying  will be included in the bidding. Occupants may  purchase the  unit  through  cash  or  housing loan;  1) provided  that backrentals have been settled  and   2)  provided  further   that,   in   case   of   purchase   of  the  subject   property   through   housing   loan,   the  eligibility  requirements  under  the  existing  housing  loan guidelines are met as supported by the Membership Status Verification Slip (MSVS).

5.                   Each  bid  must  be  accompanied  by  a  Pag-IBIG  Fund  Receipt  (PFR) original copy, reflecting payment  of the required  FIVE  PERCENT  (5%) minimum deposit computed  based  on  the  selling  price.  Such deposit shall form  part of the winning bidder’s  downpayment or shall be returned to the non-winning bidder without interest upon the completion of the public bidding.

6.                   The said FIVE PERCENT (5%) minimum downpayment may be paid on April 16 – 17, 2012.

7.                   The bidder who offers the highest bid shall be declared the winning bidder.

8.                   A tied highest bid shall be resolved by applying the following order of preference:

           a) Cash Offer
           b) Housing Loan

           If there is still a tie, it shall be resolved immediately by an open bidding between/among tied highest bidders.

9.                   In case there is only one (1) complying bidder for a particular property, he shall be automatically declared as the winning bidder.

10.               Properties shall be sold on  an  “AS IS WHERE IS BASIS”   and the winning bidder shall take possession of the property without seeking assistance from HDMF Office upon signing of the contract.

11.               No bid below the minimum bid price shall be accepted.

12.               No property swap-arrangements shall be allowed as consideration for the sale of the property being offered.

13.               Acquisition of Pag-IBIG   Fund acquired properties  may  be  purchased through CASH or financed through Pag-IBIG HOUSING LOAN, for Pag-IBIG member.

     In case of housing loan, loans up to P 750,000.00 shall be subject to a loan-to-collateral ratio of one hundred percent (100%) while loans over P 750,000.00 up to P 2.0 million shall be subject to a loan-to-collateral ratio of ninety percent (90%).

14.               A bidder who may purchase the acquired property through Pag-IBIG HOUSING LOAN shall  submit together with the BID FORM his/her duly approved MEMBERSHIP STATUS VERIFICATION SLIP (MSVS).   (To secure an  MSVS  attend  a housing loan seminar on a  Saturday 9:00 AM at the Pag-ibig Fund Training Room, 3rd Floor Pryce Tower, Bajada, Davao City).

15a.   The winning bidder shall be required to pay in full the remaining balance  of the bid price within FIVE(5) WORKING DAYS from the date of the receipt of the  Notice  of  Award,  if  the  mode  of  payment  is  through  cash  or  shall be required to comply the  housing loan  requirements   within   FIFTEEN  (15)   WORKING   DAYS   from   the  date  of the receipt of the Notice of Award if the mode of payment is through  Pag-IBIG housing loan.

15b.    The   winning  bidder   who   fails   to  pay  in  full  the  remaining  balance  within five(5) working days or fails to submit/comply the housing  loan requirements  within   fifteen (15)  working  days  shall  lose   his   right   as   the   winning   bidder.  The five  percent (5%) deposit of  payment  shall  be forfeited  in   favor  of  the  Fund.  Such  amount  shall  be  treated as liquidated damages and HDMF shall declare the next highest bidder as the winner.

16.       A twenty  percent (20%)  discount of the bidder’s bid price shall be given to the winning bidder who will  pay  the  subject   property  in  cash. However, if payment shall be made through housing loan, HDMF shall grant a discount of fifteen percent(15%) only.

17.      Individual  bid  application shall  be  signed  by  the bidder himself  or  his  duly  authorized representative (supported by a Special Power of Attorney  (SPA)  while  applications  by  a  Partnership  or  Corporation,  the  officer  duly  authorized  in  a  resolution  adopted by the Partner’s or Corporation’s  Board  of  Directors  for the purpose  (supported  by  a  Secretary's  Certificate).  Bid  quotation  must be written both in words and in figures.

18.      Prospective bidders are hereby enjoined to inspect for themselves the site,  title and encumbrance, if any,  to  the  real  properties described above. Consequently,  all  bids  shall  be  submitted  under  the condition  that  HDMF  shall  in no case be liable for breach of any or all legal or contractual warranties including among others, warranties against hidden defects and against evictions.

19.      Except  for  the  creditable  withholding  tax,  all  expenses   incidental   to   the  sale  and  transfer  of  ownership  shall  be  for  the account of the winning bidder, including the ejectment of squatters and/or occupants, if any, from the property, subject of the bid.

20.      No addition to or deletion of the conditions stipulated  herein  shall  be  made  by the bidder. HDMF reserves the right to reject any and all bids for non-adherence to its bidding rules.

21.         The sale to the highest bidder shall be confirmed by the Pag-IBIG FUND COMMITTEE ON DISPOSITION OF ACQUIRED ASSETS.


As to the list, it is available at the Fund’s website at or you may contact the Acquired Assets unit of Davao Branch at telephone number 2244733 or email address at

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Account Executive

Davao Convention & Trade Center is in need of the following:

Account Executive
Banquet Coordinator

Please submit your resume with 2x2 photo & transcript of records to Davao Convention & Trade Center at F. Torres St., Davao City with contact number 2223494 to 96.

Wanted: Waiter

The Original Conching’s Native Chicken and Fastfood is in need of:


Submit necessary documents for reference and application letter to:
The Manager
Conching’s Native Native Chicken and Fastfood
Araullo-Mabini Sts., Davao City
Contact Nos. 09236208004 and 2214448

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Penalty Condonation For Employers

If you have not yet registered your business establishment and your employees with Home Development Mutual Fund/Pag-IBIG Fund or have been delinquent/inactive in your employees’ contribution remittances, the Fund is now offering the penalty condonation program beginning January 1, 2012 until June 30, 2012.

With this program, all incurred penalties by the employers whose application for penalty condonation has been approved shall be condoned upon updating of contribution remittances.

Eligible employers who fail to avail of this program shall continue to incur penalties on their unremitted contributions and shall be held criminally liable and shall be prosecuted in accordance with the penal provisions of RA9679.

Go to the nearest Pag-IBIG Fund branch to avail of this program, contact details can be found at