Thursday, November 10, 2011

How To Get Pag-IBIG member ID

Sometime last year of 2010, Pag-IBIG Fund has issued transaction cards for its members. The cut-off date was October 2008. Pag-IBIG members who paid on that date were issued their transaction cards. However, the printing was stopped and for those who were not issued their Pag-IBIG IDs, they were in a quandary where to go.

For members who were not issued their Pag-IBIG IDs, there are two options to do it:

One is to go to the nearest Pag-IBIG branch and submit two (2) copies of their Member’s Data Form. The Member’s Data Form is available in all Pag-IBIG branches and it is also downloadable at Just go to the downloadable forms and accomplish two copies. Submit two (2) accomplished Member’s Data forms at the Marketing & Enforcement Division and request for the schedule of the availability of the Pag-IBIG ID number.

The next option is to do it online which is more advisable, faster and more convenient.

Hereunder are the steps: (Note: Use Internet Explorer browser for better compatibility).

Step 1: Log on to
Step 2: Click on Member Services button at the middle part of the page.
Step 3: Click on Online Membership Registration. Choose the button “Register as New Member” and “Continue”. Key-in the complete data.
Step 4: Click Submit and print Member’s Data Form.
Step 5: At the upper left hand corner of the printed Member’s Data Form, take note of the Registration Tracking Number for reference. After a few days (3 days to one week), log in again to and repeat Steps 1 and 3 but choose the button “Update information using Registration Tracking Number” and “Continue”.
Step 6: Using the Registration Tracking Number (RTN) from your printed Member’s Data Form, click PRINT. Print two (2) copies. One copy should be submitted to Pag-IBIG Fund, Davao (Marketing & Enforcement Division) for reference and one copy should be retained at your end for your file. The Pag-IBIG member identification number is on the upper right side of the Member’s Data Form.

Online registrations are given priority in the issuance of the Pag-IBIG member identification number while those who opted to just let the branches to the encoding considering most branches are short in manpower.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hiring For Hotel And Restaurant Service Instructor And More

AYP Holdings, Inc. with office address at Dr. 27-F GB Cam Bldg., Monteveder Ave., Davao City is hiring for the following:

1. Aviation Maintenance Instructor (AMT)I
2. Aviation Maintenance Instructor (AVIONICS) I
3. Hotel and Restaurant Service (HRS) Instructor
4. Flight Attendance Instructor
5. Bookkeeping Instructor
6. Instructor in Tourism Management
7. Business Development Manager/Marketing Executive

1. Resume with 2x2 pictures
2. NBI Clearance (photocopy)
3. Transcript of Records and Diploma
4. National Certification from TESDA (if any)
5. Employment Certificate/s

Interested applicant/s may pass their resume to HR Admin or Email to Contact number is (082)3007695